The Slade Short Course

8 Grammar Lessons and 25 Games

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English teachers: We know our task is to save the most glorious language on Earth from the ravages of TV and social media. But how can this be done if we don’t teach the basic structure of the English sentence? It can’t.

It’s all done for you here.

  • Prepare no more lessons.
  • Write and grade no more exercises or tests.


At a time when even well-educated students can graduate high school with little or no grammatical instruction, and with no intelligible way of speaking about grammar, The Slade Grammar System is sorely needed. It presents the rudiments of English grammar with lucidity, succinctness and humor; more importantly, perhaps, it does so while also giving students and teachers a way to discuss grammatical issues without doing unnecessary and counter-productive violence to the English language (there will be no talk of ING-words here!). It goes, in short, where others dare not tread, shining a light for the rest of us to follow.

Ethan Wells
Former Instructor of English Composition at the University of California, Irvine and the Community College of Rhode Island
Current Instructor of French at Boston College

A perpetual problem faced by instructors of ancient Greek or Latin is -- how do you teach an inflected language to students who have no knowledge of grammar? The answer is: you teach them grammar. The Slade Short Course is one of the few methods which in my experience has done this effectively and even pleasurably.

Llyd Wells
St. John's College
Santa Fe, NM

Many of my former students talk about The Slade Course's rigorous grammar games when I meet them at reunions or on Facebook. They thank me for using your program and note that it has helped them in further education and in their career.

Maureen Desmond
English Chair
De LaSalle High School
Minneapolis MN

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