The Slade Short Course

8 Grammar Lessons and 25 Games


  1. How does the teacher distribute the student ID codes?

    This may seem cumbersome at first, but need not be. First: tab down easily through the blocks entering your student last names.
    Possible distribution methods:

    1. Project your list on the ACTIVE BOARD if you have one and let them copy their ID.
    2. Expand and print your DASHBOARD page when names are complete. Cut in strips and pass them out in class.
    3. Email them if you have access to student emails.
    4. Have them copy their ID at your desk computer one at a time.
    5. Print your DASHBOARD page and post it in class.
    6. Be creative.

    You will find the grade book uses worth the effort. The grade book will record each score of games finished. You will then be able to follow each student's progress and record test scores. Tell students not to worry about low scores at first. Encourage them to guess freely as the correct answer is always shown after 3 errors; that's how they will learn. You need only grade them on TEST games as you see fit.

  2. Can the games be used on an Active Board?

    All games can be projected on any Active Board for classroom fun and instruction.

  3. Can the games and lessons be used outside of the classroom?

    The games and lessons are available on any desktop or laptop, but the games are feature limited on handheld devices. Clause questions are disabled on those devices.

  4. What is the best way to use the games?

    Students should be told to play the two games that go with each Lesson over and over until they score at least 90%, before going to the next lesson.

  5. Can the Slade Short Course be used for testing?

    Teachers can disable reloading, thus requiring the game be played straight through. At the end of the test, a grade will automatically be entered in the student's grade book.

  6. Is the paperback version available?

    If you would prefer students to have the actual paperback text, they are available for $9.00 ea. Contact us for how to purchase these.

  7. What are BLOCKS?

    BLOCKS each represent a single group of 40 HITS. Each HIT allows a single log-in to The Slade Short Course. BLOCKS can be purchased for as little as $3.00 each.

  8. Do the BLOCKS expire?

    BLOCKS will expire nine months after the activation date. Activation date is determined by the teacher at time of purchase.

  9. What happens when BLOCKS expire?

    Any unused HITS will be lost. If more HITS are required, more blocks must be purchased.

  10. How do students log in?

    Students will use the log in link in the upper right, and then enter credentials provided to them by the teacher. Credentials are shown in the Teacher Dashboard.

  11. What do I do if I didn't get a registration email.

    Check your spam folder first. If it is not in your spam folder, send an email with your Teacher ID to to request your free week of access.