The Slade Short Course

8 Grammar Lessons and 25 Games

Product Information

Students may think they don’t like grammar, but they all love three things: computers, games, and computer games.

The English Verb: Through modern, transformational grammar theory, the English verb is here completely described in three pages. By learning three helping verbs and five modal pairs, students can at last make sense of the English verb, now reduced to two tenses, present and past.

The Grammar Text Lessons are concise, averaging only two pages. At the end of each, there are short optional written exercises. Teachers may print these for in-class use if they wish. Or, if you would prefer students to have the actual paperback text, they are available for $9.00 ea. Contact us below for how to purchase these.

The Strategy: Each lesson teaches a new clause or phrase and exercises them cumulatively. Users should play each lesson's games over until they score at least 90% before going to the next lesson. Following this scheme, the course will virtually teach itself.

The Grammar Games are an engaging way to reinforce the lessons. The early lessons are easy starting with Simple Sentence Patterns, but a user who can score 90% on any of the last 6 games will have mastered basic English grammar and be ready for college. Too many are not today.

The Composition Lessons, 9 - 15 are designed to practice writing skills at the sentence level as taught in the Grammar Lessons. Most composition texts start at the paragraph level or beyond.

The games and lessons are usable on any desktop or laptop, and most tablets.

Pricing and Purchasing Information

Access to the lessons and computer games is through the purchase of BLOCKS of HITS, one block per student. A HIT is recorded every time a student logs in to The Slade Short Course.

Each BLOCK contains 90 HITS, more than enough for students to complete all 15 Lessons and 25 Games.

For teachers, a fully integrated and secure gradebook, and BLOCK management dashboard.

For students, access to all games and lessons.

Pricing Information

  • 1 Block:$ 30
  • 2-5 Blocks:$ 20 each
  • 6-10 Blocks:$ 15 each
  • 11-20 Blocks:$ 7 each
  • 21+ Blocks:$ 4 each

Once registered (in the upper right), you will be able to make purchases from the teacher dashboard.

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